Success "The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail
instead of his tongue."
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Love A Mutt Pet Rescue is dedicated to providing a future for abandoned pets by placing them in our rehoming program.  Love A Mutt Pet Rescue is staffed entirely by volunteers. We offer rescue services, education, foster homes, initial medical care, and placement in permanent loving homes.


Our Successful Adoptions

Thank you to Alice M for adopting Winston and giving him his forever home.
Thank you to the Keane family for adoption not only their first dog from us, but their second! Also a huge thank you to them for being such a great foster family.
Thank you to the Kirth family who adopted Otis!
Thank you to the Coplen family for adopting Pepper!
Thank you to the Shaw family for giving Lily the loving home she has waited 4 years for! Lily came to us from a very abuse and neglectful situation. Now she is being loved and spoiled by her new family.
Thank you to Tabitha S for adopting Penelope! Her new name is Daisy and she is currently being adored by Tabitha\'s entire family.
Thank you to the Neustadter family, Hullin family, Wrye family and Ginette D\'s family for adopting these siblings.
Thank you to Nina and Chris for adopting beautiful Indy. Also a very big thank you and appreciation for designing our rescue shirts and donating part of the cost. You are saving lives with your generosity!
Thank you to the Haynes family for adopting Woody.
Thank you to the Clymer family for giving Thermo a family to love.
Thank you to the Kotay family for adopting Louie, he is a sweetheart.
Thank you to the Beedle family for giving Ms. Eva a new life.
Thank you to the Patrick family for giving this little boy a wonderful new home!
Thank you to the Armstrong family for welcoming Bambi aka Kanga into their home!
Thank you to the Cardenas family for bringing Sparky into your home.
Thank you to the Davis family for adopting Roxy!
Thank you to the Trout family for adopting sweet Hazel.
Thank you to the Gardner family for adopting Gus!
Thank you to Carlene for adopting sweet Isabella who traveled from Taiwan to be adopted. Thank you to Caroline and Douglas for handling her rescue in Taiwan.
Thank you to the Harris family for adopting little Pixie and a special thanks to all who was involved in this rescue and for their generous donations to save her.
Thank you to the Neal family for adopting Daisy!
Thank you to the Adams family for giving Teddy a wonderful home.
Thank you to the Schuelke family for adopting Max.
Thank you to Debbie for adopting Ivory, she is a lucky gal.
Thank you to Karen and Chad for giving Benji a new home to call his own.
Thank you to the Milnor family for fostering and choosing to adopt Murphy. He is very lucky to have you!
Thank you to the Sterling family for giving Joey a wonderful home...he now will have a life truly blessed.
Thank you to the Keleci family for adopting Bubba....he will enjoy your acreage to play and run.
Thank you to the Sheridan family for adopting sweet Reilly. She will have a great life in your beautiful home.
Thank you to Robin for adopting Mony. This gal now has a wonderful life with you. Thank you for wanting to foster poodles as well.
Thank you to the Keeler family for adopting Kadence now named Duke. Thanks for sharing this photo of Daisy and Dukes trip to Wenatchee on Thanksgiving!
Thank you to Trish and Darren for adopting Baxter after their beloved pittie passed on after 15 years. Thank you for loving this breed and knowing so much about them!
Thank you to the Kelly family for adopting Lucky
Thank you to the Cadigan family for adopting Oliver
Thank you to the Stevens family for adopting Bizzy
Thank you to the Walker family for adopting Bella
Thank you to the Cahill family for adopting Honey
Thank you to the Nugent family for adopting Levi
Thank you to the Michaelis family for adopting Fritz
Thank you to the Shoup family for adopting Dakota
Thank you to the Beighle family for adopting Tiggles
Thank you to the Keane family for adopting Lilly
Thank you to the Schaeffer family for adopting Summer
Love a Mutt gifted to a volunteer after the loss of her min pin.
Thank you Jerry for giving Shadow a forever home
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