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Love A Mutt Pet Rescue is dedicated to providing a future for abandoned pets by placing them in our rehoming program.  Love A Mutt Pet Rescue is staffed entirely by volunteers. We offer rescue services, education, foster homes, initial medical care, and placement in permanent loving homes.


Our Successful Adoptions

Belle found her forever home in a beautiful apartment in Seattle with a view of Lake Union. She lives with another chocolate lab friend named Bailey and goes for walks to Discovery Park with her new family. She has even learned to go up and down stairs!
Sophie was a twice abandoned dog. She survived death at 8 weeks of age and turned into a shelter at the age of 6. Thanks to her previous rescue, she was saved and surrendered to Love A Mutt Pet Rescue. Sophie is a real gem and we still don't know how anyone could of given her up. At age 6 she had the perfect house manners and she loved being a part of a family. Sophie found her new home with Charlotte in North Bend. Thank you Charlotte for becoming her life long companion. I know she will cherish you forever.
Trevor was adopted into a loving home, he now has two new shepherds as siblings. Our rescue would like to thank NWGSR for their referral of Rick, Trevor's new owner. Trevor arrived December 19th from a rescue in Taiwan. He had been hit by a car and left disabled, a pin in a leg and a missing hip bone. Though Trevor had a zest for life and love for his people This 4 year old boy survived the odds and found his freedom and his forever home. He is now living in Ballard and has an owner who understands his disability. Thank you Rick for being his angel.
Thank you to the Cochran Family for adopting Jesse! You were the perfect match for this lady.
Thank you to Mrs. Boyle for adopting Cuddles. He will be forever your best friend.
Thank you to the Beck Family for adopting Walter.
Thank you to the Fisher Family for their donation to our rescue. June was a courtesy posting and a successful adoption.
Thank you to our foster Lena and her hubby for adopting Buster and giving him a safe forever home. We thank her for her constant support and love of Amstaffs.
Thank you to the Richmond family for adopting Georgia.
Thank you Thaes for giving Angie a new home.
Thank you to the Thoreson family for adopting this sweetie who we brought over from an Eastern WA shelter.
A big thank you goes out to the Chastain family for coming all the way from California to give Cooper the life of a king!
Thanks you to the Newman-Fisk family for their donation to our rescue for helping them find Daisy!
Cricket was adopted by a gal who helped transport for us.
Thank you to Heather for loving Jake and taking very good care of him!
Thank you to everyone involved in finding Leo the perfect home. Our rescue posted him for his rescuer in Canada and he found some wonderful gals who drove from Seattle to give him his forever home!
Thank you to our volunteer Iva for her help in the adoption of Peanut!
Thank you Chelsea for adopting Tucker. He now will have a wonderful life no longer tied to a tree. Thank you!
Thank you to Deirdre and John for adopting little Grecia.
Thank you to the Gleaves family for adopting Carley!
Thank you to the Schaaf family for adopting Meadow.
Thank you to the Kemly family for adopting Lovely aka Biscuit and now known as Luna!
Crystal aka Peaches
Thank you to Holly and Travis for adopting this little gal.
Thank you to Robin for giving Aspen a new home.
Thank you to the Hammer family for adopting Lilli. We also want to thank you for your wonderful work on our website as well. Glad Lilli has Jack your Golden to play with as well.
Thank you to the Daly family for giving Bella hopefully her last forever home....she will surely enjoy the company of the children!
Hannah won the heart of Haely and is now a member of the Ferkingstad family. Haely lost her lab 3 years ago and has been waiting for the perfect companion and she finally found her. They are inseperatable.
Gus Fisher
A special thank you to the McDonald family for their donation to our rescue. This donation is in memory of the Fisher Families beloved Gus, once a rescue dog himself. Gus crossed over the Rainbow bridge....we will see you one day again boy. Gus the best "Ball Chasing Dog to ever live!"
George and Gus
A big thank you to Paula S. from Saint Regis, MT for her donation in memory of Gus and George Fisher. Two rescue dogs who have crossed over the rainbow bridge. Love A Mutt also extends their thoughts to Aunt Paula for the loss of her border collie Megan.
Thank you to the Daugherty family for loving Jack. He will be so happy in your family and sorry for the loss of your 13 year old dog...we hope Jack gives you many years of joy! He is a wonderful boy. Update from Jacks new family: Jack is awesome!!! He slept in our room (We all did) and he did not pee all night. He barked at 5 am and I took him right out side. The boys love him they did not want to go to school. He is laying here at my feet right now. I will keep in touch with you on him. Thanks for the photos.
Thank you to the Kelly family for giving Toby a wonderful new home!
Ranger aka Ollie
Thank you so much to Amira for adopting Ranger and being so committed to his ongoing training. His huge smile shows how happy he is!
Thanks to Kirk for adopting Dozer and giving him the care and attention that he needs.
Thank you to Tom and Myra for giving Tiva a wonderful home. It is obvious how much she loves her new dad!
Thank you to Rebecka and Troy for adopting our little Dempsey, and giving her a big doggie brother Miles. She is lucky to have all three of you in her life now!
Daisy aka Bica
Thanks to David and Megan for giving Daisy (her new name is Bica, meaning a little espresso in Portugal) a wonderful home!
Thanks to Laura and John for adopting Roxy. Their son renamed her Nevaeh, which is "heaven" spelled backwards. How sweet!!
Durango (aka Coco)
Thank you to Joan for adoption Coco, renamed Durango. He is now a little muscle man that gets to go on 3 walks a day and play at the beach!
Thanks to Terry and Pam for adopting Nicholas!! He will be loved forever in your family, and will have hours of fun on your property.
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