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can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all." - M. Facklam
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Love A Mutt Pet Rescue is dedicated to providing a future for abandoned pets by placing them in our rehoming program.  Love A Mutt Pet Rescue is staffed entirely by volunteers. We offer rescue services, education, foster homes, initial medical care, and placement in permanent loving homes.


Pit Bulls
Thinking of adopting a pit bull? They are wonderful companions and are completely devoted to their families. They used to be called Nanny Dogs as they are so great with kids. You will not find a more devoted dog than a pit bull! However, things to consider before adopting a pittie
are they are very active dogs. They need exercise and activities to burn up some of their energy.
They can also be pushy and stubborn so it is important to train your dog and make sure you establish rules and be
consistent with them, proving yourself as the "pack leader". Finally, although pit bulls are loving companions to people they can be dog aggressive. Understanding your dog's tolerance level of other dogs is vital.
As pit bulls are the most abused and neglected dogs in the United States,there are very many of these wonderful dogs just looking for their forever home. If you are an active, caring, devoted person who is willing to establish yourself as the pack leader, consider this wonderful breed. You won't be disappointed!

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