International "If you have known, loved and been loved by animals, then you have
discovered that their special mission is to bring us closer to God."
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Love A Mutt Pet Rescue is dedicated to providing a future for abandoned pets by placing them in our rehoming program.  Love A Mutt Pet Rescue is staffed entirely by volunteers. We offer rescue services, education, foster homes, initial medical care, and placement in permanent loving homes.


How You Can Help Support TUAPA
TUAPA is an animal shelter that is located in Taichung City, Taiwan. Currently at the shelter they house close to 1000 dogs and cats. The shelter was created due to the overwhelming amount of abandoned and unwanted street dogs and cats. We do not know all of the stories behind the dogs and cats that call TUAPA, home.

Taiwan is a small country with a huge problem. Like many other countries, we suffer with a large
volume of street animals that do not have a place to call home. TUAPA ’s main mission is organizing massive trap neuter and release clinics across the island. With the amazing efforts of volunteers, donations and international support, TUAPA is the leading forefront in spay and neuter projects.

In the past three years, TUAPA has ventured into the world of giving dogs a second chance overseas. As a rescue organization we understand that there are pressing needs for homes of unwanted animals at your local shelter. We are focusing on shipping dogs that are unable to get homes within Taiwan. There are many dogs that need specialized medical attention that only western countries can provide. TUAPA also has limited access to humane euthanasia options. We have to start somewhere to help the street dogs/cats.

With International recognition, TUAPA hopes to open the doors, not only to potential new homes for the street dogs/cats of Taiwan, but to also unite countries who are all trying to help save the lives of these unwanted gems.