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Love A Mutt Pet Rescue is dedicated to providing a future for abandoned pets by placing them in our rehoming program.  Love A Mutt Pet Rescue is staffed entirely by volunteers. We offer rescue services, education, foster homes, initial medical care, and placement in permanent loving homes.

Featured Pet For Adoption

Nicco is a sweet dog who is four years of age that loves attention and loves to get praise. Nicco appears to be a mix of maybe a Boarder Collie and a Newfoundland. She takes a little bit of time to warm up to some people as she was pretty much isolated from everything because of her families medical issues (allergies). For the people she is slow to warm up to she usually starts checking them out after a couple of minutes of ignoring her. The Dog Whisperer\\\'s \"no touch, no talk, no eye contact\" is a great motto for her. Once she is friends with someone, she is their best friend. She would love to be in your lap and all snuggled up. She will bring you a ball as an offering in hopes to play and then give you lots of kisses. She is a very affectionate dog, loves to be with you and she is pretty good about doing what’s asked of her. She would prefer to be the only dog who can get all of your attention at her home but would do well at the dog park. No cats for this beautiful girl. No kids. Nicco is a good size dog but not overly large. Nicco loves her ball(s) and she will carry a couple at a time. When you tell her drop she stops and she will drop and leave the ball. Nicco LOVES to play ball and it’s a good outlet for her energy and also a good reward and motivation for doing something asked of her. Her breed requires lots of activity so an active person or couple would be best. She would love to be a running, biking, hiking companion. Nicco loves to swim and when she sees water she becomes part duck. She is so happy in the water that if she’s in the river you have to remind her she’s getting down river and she needs to come back. I haven’t tried but she would probably swim for a long time before she figured out how far away she’s gotten. Nicco is good about sleeping in her kennel or she behaves well outside of her kennel if you don’t mind. When it’s time to go to bed (or any other activity in the bedroom where she sleeps) she automatically goes into the kennel. When she’s in the family room and everyone is chilling, if she’s not lying at your feet she’s usually in her kennel with the door open. Nicco is not destructive and mostly just plays with a ball or giving you licks wanting attention. Nicco is funny when it comes to a ball (or anything else you might throw for her), if a ball is in the wrong place like under a chair, she has to get it out but is very good about getting out of the way and letting you get it for her. Nicco is a wonderful girl...we just have to find the right fit for her!! She hopes it\\\'s you!

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Love A Mutt Pet Rescue is an animal welfare organization. The organization was created by experienced, responsible pet owners and animal lovers who believe that rescuing, fostering, and adopting homeless animals is not enough.